KaffeePott is an app that allows you to find cafés by criteria like distance, pricing, items on the café's menu or rating. Information on cafés is kept up-to-date by users and quality-checked by us. To ensure your full privacy, we use Mapbox and OpenStreetMap.

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Open Source

To guarantee safety and privacy and always keep KaffeePott up-to-date, it is open source, meaning that we aren't sending your personal information to Google or Facebook and you can see what exactly we're doing with your data at any time nothing at all. You can also quickly contact us if you're having trouble or you've found a bug and we'll get back to you ASAP. Gitea


If you have questions or just want to chill, feel free to join our Discord.


We are a student group studying at Sankt Leonhard Gymnasium Aachen. We programmed the app KaffeePott for our schools' Apps programmieren für Android” (programming apps for Android) workshop.

If you're having trouble with our app, we are more than happy to help on Gitea and Discord.

Janis Bailitis: E-mail
Robin Kube: E-mail
Irmin Mainka: E-mail
Linus Mathieu: E-mail

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